WIKILEAKS UPDATE: Julian Assange Cites Specific Information For Moving Announcement To Berlin #2

My name is H. A. Goodman and I’m an author, columnist, and journalist
“Specific Information”
Why WikiLeaks hates Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton on Assange “Can’t we just drone this guy” – report
Democratic Strategist Calls For The Assassination Of Julian Assange
FBI Says a Laptop That Held Clinton’s E-Mails Has Gone Missing

Private Prison Lobbyists Are Raising Cash for Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton on ‘superpredator’ remarks: ‘I shouldn’t have used those words’

Robert Kagan and Other Neocons Are Backing Hillary Clinton
FBI Gave Immunity to 5 Clinton Aides Who Lied & Directed Hillary Email Scrubbing

FBI boss Comey’s 7 most damning lines on Clinton

FBI: Clinton I.T. worker made reference to ‘Hillary cover-up operation’ in work ticket
Our emphatic prediction is simply that Trump will not win the nomination. It’s not even clear that he’s trying to do so.

Hillary Clinton’s IT guy asked Reddit for help altering emails, a Twitter sleuth claims

Here are All 35 Things Hillary Clinton Told the FBI She Could Not Remember

AP FACT CHECK: Clinton email claims collapse under FBI probe
Wikileaks proves DNC conspired against Bernie Sanders!

H.A. Goodman Says Bernie Sanders Still Has a Chance

H.A. Goodman Goes After Pro-Clinton Media Bias

This segment correlates also to my appearances on CNN and MSNBC:
H. A. Goodman on MSNBC
H. A. Goodman on CNN International
H. A. Goodman on CNN New Day


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