Rudy Giuliani Talks In Circles When Asked About Prosecuting the Clinton Foundation

In this Majority Report clip, Trump administration something-or-other and very, very serious lunatic Rudy Giuliani tries to spin an answer when asked about future prosecution of cases against the Clinton Foundation. Luckily, he’s on Fox News and they’re morons, so the four or five competing tactics he brings up to get himself and Trump out of actually looking into something when they know there is essentially nothing there confuse the hosts and they just act like it all makes sense.

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46 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani Talks In Circles When Asked About Prosecuting the Clinton Foundation”

  1. Giuliani is right politicians like Trump need to be investigated because racketeering and fraud could well lead to impeachment, so yes Rudy go ahead investigate Clinton even more than the FBI already has done, but also expect your man Trump to have a very short stay in the White House.

  2. The sad part is that the audience won't even realize you can't give someone a pardon for a crime they've never been convicted of …

    If people don't think mid terms are important to get out and vote for … buckle up for an even bumpier ride.

  3. The people who voted for Trump are all racists idiots. They put the party back in charge who fucked everything up in the first place. They hated the president so much they don't even care about their well being. They believe shit that they know isn't true. Ok we got a real mess now. The media helped him get in. I hope we still have a country in 4 years. George Lucas wrote the script for our country. We have darth sideous running everything now. They were calling President Obama the anti Christ. What do those fools think we have now?

  4. Sam, I love ya and your overall point is right on… but what Giuliani said was that Obama cant pardon her, not because there is no investigation, but because there are no charges at this point. you can't pardon someone when they havent been charged with anything. in any case, you are right on the main point… now all the Trump surrogates and the man himself immediately start side stepping on a bunch of the crazy promises they made during the campaign. personally I take this is a good sign… that they just continued the proven primary winning tactics into the general election and now that they have won, they go more mainstream. the thing I wonder is how long fringe Trump supporters will take to realize they have been swindled or does his cult of personality really allow him to keep fooling them? during the campaign I saw video of several wing nuts swearing that they would assassinate Trump if he didnt build "the wall" for example. Trump is already talking about replacing Obamacare, while keeping some of it's best features, when the majority of right wingers dont want any government role in healthcare… yet suddenly all the wingnuts are defending him all over youtube for pushing a liberal policy! should be an interesting 4 years (or possibly less).

  5. Ghouliani is a hideous piece of shit. He screams about Hillary's criminal status, while completely downplaying Chris Christie's criminal involvement in the bridge scandal.
    I hope Hillary IS prosecuted, because she IS a criminal, but Conservatives are nothing but hypocritical frauds.

  6. Its all very simple! You know what a Mexican stand off is? Yes! Basically all of Washington DC is one big Mexican stand off.  Yea they get pretty dirty during election time and tell some dirty little secrets abut each other. What was unique about this time was Trump went over board!  But now he has to fall in line because his life isn't squeaky clean either. If he went through with his promises to lock Hillary up he would open Pandora's box! All hell would break out and remember Trump was an insider except for the last 2 years. And now he is again!  America bit the big one this time! LOL

  7. The next thing for Democrats to do is:
    1) Start finding out if your City or County has a Democratic Party!!
    2) Work with your Democratic Party!!
    Rally the Voters in your
    area to vote These Republicans out of office!! Not just stopping there, but Elect Democrats in your City,
    County, State Elections, as well as your Congressman, and State Governors!!!
    TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK IN 2018 And 2020#

  8. Trump making promises to get what he wants in the short run knowing he can't deliver is his standard M.O. It's how he does business. That, not paying people and suing people he owes money to.

  9. Would they prosecute Hillary? No. Think about it, they didnt even prosecute Cheney or Bush in the past, because they dont want to give the other side a reason to do it to them in the future. It opens a can of worms and they know it.

  10. They don't want to go after her, because she is one of them…. This is how the games is played and this is how it works. They do not want to put one of themselves in jail, because the moment they do. There is a good chance once they mess up. The public will demand they be jailed. It would come full circle. These people aren't stupid. They know politics, economics and how to play the system. It's how they go in their positions and why they believe they should maintain the same old status quo. It's the reason why Diddline Donnie is stacking his administration with them. They are all rich and they want to maintain their respects to one another. If one of them truly turns on each other. They're money making machines could come to a halt.

  11. One thing I've learned from watching your vids is that the echo chamber is real. Hillary is guilty as shit any way you slice it and the way the media have been colluding with the DNC is not acceptable to say the least. You flimsy liberals are embarrassing.

  12. Why make it out like there is nothing to look into?
    Why spin it like trump wants to lock her up for no reason ?
    Step out of your bubble she is not good , I have no clue why she rain for president.

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